Éva Borsiné Arató


Managing director


After finishing her studies at the Electro-engineering Faculty of Technical University of Budapest she was postgraduated at the University. She has got Diploma for Researcher, Developing Engineer.

Her first employer was the Acoustical Laboratory of Institute for Quality Control of Buildings. During the years staying there she dealt with the acoustical measurements of the building, acoustical elements.

She started to work at the Hungarian Radio in 1978.There she designed several Radio Studios and Control Rooms. Besides the designing work she had to control the acoustical parameters of the studios and control rooms and developed new acoustical element for these rooms. She worked in the European Broadcasting Union from 1993 to 2001.

She is member of the Scientific Society for Optics, Acoustics, Motion Pictures and Theatre Technology (OPAKFI) from 1976 and the president of Acoustical Department from 1999. She has got two awards from the Society OPAKFI: “Pro Silencio” in 1998 and award “Békésy” in 2001.

She got in 2016 the “Gold Cross of Merit of Hungary”.

In the Society there were organised several Scientific Symposiums and she participated on the different Conferences in the World.

She is member of the Audio Engineering Society (AES) since 1990.

From 2015 she is the president of Hungarian Chamber of Engineering Acoustics Department.

She teaches at the Technical University of Budapest Studio Acoustics from 1996.

She founded an Acoustical Consultant association in 1995, Arató Acoustics Ltd. She is the director of this association.