Briefly about the acustical design


If we are talking about a new building or a reconstruction the acustical design fields could have a very big variation! Generally it’s not easy to give a summary of the field of acoustical planning, because the acoustics as a branch of science has a lot of specialization. If we are talking about the architectural acoustics, we have to deal with the following questions:

1. Room acoustics design

  • Determining the room’s capacity
  • Determining the room’s form and scale details
  • Determining the surfaces
  • Determining the cover of the surfaces
  • Determining the room acustical parameters regarding the room function

2. The sound isolation

  • Checking the local noise sources
  • Determining the acceptable noise level
  • Determining the places of the acoustical sensitive rooms in the new buildings
  • Determining the wall- and floorstructures
  • Planning the insulation of vibration
  • Harmonizing with the planning of room acoustics

3. The acoustics of building machinery systems

  • Determining the optimal placing of the building machinery rooms and sets
  • Determining the noise level’s requirements of the building machinery
  • Planning the insulation of vibration
  • Acoustical desing of the building machinery ducts
  • Planning the breaktroughing of wall- and floorstructures

4. Soundsystem design

  • Choosing the soundsystem
  • Determining the system’s place in the room
  • Harmonizing with the plans of room acoustics
  • Determining the system plans and elements