Zsuzsanna Alabárdos

zsuzskaAcoustical consultant


She made her high school at St. Stephan King Technical School of Music Artssound technical department from 1996 to 2000. She made sound-recordings in the high school’s studio. Her teacher was László Ujházy who was the acting manager of the Hungarian National Radio. She learned as a pianist and vocalist. Her teacher was Andrea Zsadon.

Zsuzsanna Alabárdos wrote her graduate essay in room acoustical topic, title was „Subjective audit of rooms’ sounding”. The essay was stand in the avard of OPAKFI craft union and got a prize from the head of the union.

She did her academy at Budapest Engineering Academy Kandó Kálmán Electrical Engineering School, communication engineering institution acoustics modul. Shealso studied as engineering teacher. She got her Diplomas in 2005.

She has been teachnig from 2005 september at St. Stephan King Technical School of Music Arts sound technical department.

Since 2005 october she has been working at Arató Acoustics Ltd. as a designer. Her scope of activites are acoustical modelling, analysis and designing small studios.

Since 2006 she is member of the OPAKFI craft union, and since 2009 she is the secretary of the Acloustical Section.

As a consultant she teaches Acoustics on the Budapest Theatre and Filmacademy.

She has been involved making thesises as external consultant at Óbuda University Kandó Kálmán Faculty of Electric Engeneering.